Tax Planning & Compliance

At Accel Business we believe that tax planning or tax mitigation, is a basic right. No person is morally bound to pay any more tax than he or she is legally obliged to do. Working within the framework and parameters of the current tax legislation, we are committed to assisting clients in planning their tax affairs so as to reduce their tax burden to an absolute minimum.

We provide a full tax compliance service for our clients, fully computerized so as to take advantage of the savings and discounts that technology provides.

Tax Investigations

We have experienced personnel who understand what is required in dealing with an Inland Revenue investigation. There is no doubt that being the subject of a Revenue investigation can be an extremely stressful ordeal. We at Accel Business can be there at hand to guide and advise a client through the experience with a view to reaching an agreed settlement with the Inspector with only a minimum of disruption to the client. 

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